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Instructions On How To Create A Listing.

Click the Login Now button.

Enter your username or email address and password.

On the left hand side click Place Listing

Free Listing click the Select button.

Primary Category

For any listing Free or Paid you have a primary or main category, some businesess might only have a single category. Click the little triangle beside the yellow folder to open the folder to see the categories and select the category for your listing. You can open multiple folders at the same time. You can only select one. If you select one and then want to change it just select the new category and it will automatically deselect the other one.

There will be a green dot in the one you selected then click the Submit button.

A - Title: This should be your Business, Organization, Association Name or name of the Retirement Communtity etc. Don't add a catch phrase or extra characters.

B - Logo: To add your logo click the browse button

Navigate to where you have your logo or image you would like to go with your listing as your logo and select it. You should see the file name in the box then click the Open button. You will now see the file name of the image will be used for your logo.

C - Categories: When you first started creating your listing you already selected your primary or main category Personal Care so you don't need to select it again. If your business should be in more than one category you can now select up to two additional categories, in the demo I have selected Cleaning Services plus Home Companion & Helper Services.

Yes they can be changed if you ever need too. You can change any part of your listing anytime you want and as often as you wish.

D - Short Description: You have 1500 characters to use for your description. It can be for your products or services. Your listing isn't to advertise prices, it's to advertise your products and services. If you have prices, your website is for that.

As you enter your description it keeps track of how many characters you have used. The information you put in your description in addition to your keywords can be searched so give some thought to what you put here. I give an example in keywords that can help your listing get found or be more effective.

E - Keywords: You are allowed 10 keywords and each keyword should be separated by a , (comma). Give some careful thought to your keywords. Try to think like the person searching for your product or service and search for what they are likely or might search for. If you are in a category where there can be a lot of other listings with the same keywords then you may or may not want to use all of the same keywords.

For example if I'm looking at buying a three to five thousand dollar power chair, do you have the word warranty in their anywhere? This is something that I am likely to search for.

H - Address Line 1: Street Number and Name or Street Name only (this is so Google Maps works properly)

I - Address Line 2: Enter Unit Number, PO Box number, Located in Big Mall etc.

J - Location You select your location just like you select your category. You can also use the search box to find your location. If your location doesn't exist, select the closest one then send an email to support@everythingforseniorsdirectory.ca with the name of the location. I will add the location and change your listing so it is in your actual location.

L - Website: Enter the full url to your website. The statistics are kept track of in your listing.

M - Email: This is optional and can be a different email addres than the one on the user account. If an email address is entered here potential customers can email you direct from your listing. The email address is NOT disclosed and the statistics are kept track of how many emails you receive from your listing.

N - In Our Service Area: This is what is going to help people find you if you provide services to locations, cities or towns, outside of your physical location. Example: You provide in home care services, you live in X and provide your service in four nearby cities or towns. In addition to your first listing for your physical location, you can create four additonal listings, one for each of the locations you service.

When you create service area listings you create them with the same details. You select the city location and leave the street address and postal code blank and click the check box. This way if they search or browse the area you service they still find your listing. Some companies are strictly a head office so can leave that box unchecked.

Finish entering the other information and don't forget to select your city or town location. You should now have everything complete and see the file name you selected for your logo beside the Browse button so you can Click the Submit button.

It will take a few seconds and then you should see your listing was successfully submitted.

If you require additional help email support@everythingforseniorsdirectory.ca


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