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Can multiple locations each have their own additional service area?

Yes they can. Say you have four locations and each of those has two to six service area locations so that in total you have eighteen locations covered. Here is how it would be handled.

Location 1 has Service Area 1 and Service Area 2 which is three listings.

Location 2 has Service Area 3, Service Area 4, Service Area 5, Service Area 6 and Service Area 7 which is six listings.

Location 3 has Service Area 8, Service Area 9, Service Area 10, and Service Area 11 which is five listings.

Location 4 has Service Area 12, Service Area 13, Service Area 14, and Service Area 15 which is five listings.

You can use the copy feature to make a listing, copy it and and change the appropiate sections or they could all be entered into an Excel template that I provide and then imported creating each of the listings.


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