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We service other locations, do we just list them in the description?

You can but it's not the best method and can result in your listing not being found. The search has two fields one is text and the other is geographical location on the map. If a word in your description or one of your keywords is entered and the location is left blank your listing will be found, up to 200 matches, regardless of what category or location your listing is in.

If someone enters any location other than the location you are actually in regardless if you have that location in your description or as a keyword your listing will NOT get found because it isn't in the location.

The best way which requires a little more work is creating a listing in each location that you service in addtion to your physical location. To make it easier you can copy your existing listing, remove the address, postal code, select the city location and check the box "In our service area". Using this method your listing for the location you service will get found if they browse or search that location.

After you log into your account select "My Listings" in the menu on the left side.

Next for your listing click "Copy" and it will create a copy of your listing. You'll need to change the Title because it will say "Copy"  add your logo again, remove the address and postal code but leave the phone number and select the new location.

Check the box "In our service area." and then Submit

Just repeats the steps for the number of locations you service.

Note: If you have a fair number of locations you service you can enter the details into an Excel spreadsheet template I provide and will import them directly into the directory. There is NO CHARGE for the service. Email me and I will send you the template..





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