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Who can create a Free Listing?

Any business, association etc where the total or significant portion of a business provides a physical product or service for the benefit of seniors. In other words, just because you offer a seniors discount or sell to the occasional senior doesn't mean you are allowed to place a listing. Your listing must also not solely be an Internet service or website that offers sales only and no physical location or is similar to Kijiji, Groupon, Facebook, Photobucket and eBay etc. Websites such as these that only provide information and can be housed anywhere are not eligible to list.

*Exception, sites such as government sites, online only magazines etc within the boundaries of Canada are eligible. The spirit of this section is to provide a benefit to the brick and motar business and site visitor while keeping listings that only sell online or sites selling drugs and medications out of the directory.

Additional Examples of eligible businesses: Head office in Miami Florida, your location(s) is a store front allowing for the purchase and pickup of product at your Canadian location your listing is eligible or if you provide personal contact with the customer at their location example a home care or personal care provider.

Site visitors may also register and place free listings that provide products, services or are a resource for seniors. If a site visitor wishes not to register but knows of a resource they can submit a listing suggestion to me using this form. http://everythingforseniorsdirectory.ca/suggest_listing.php


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