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Browsing the directory

How do I report a listing with inaccurate information, has gone out of business etc?
Why isn't our business etc listed in the directory?
There is a listing for us in the directory that we didn't create, can I edit it or have it deleted so I can create a new one?
I know of one or more that should be listed but don't have listings, why aren't they listed?
When I browse a category at different times why are the listings in a different order?

Free Listing

Who can create a Free Listing?
How many free listings can I create?
How long are free listings for?
Nothing is free, how can you offer free listings?
How do I create a free listing?
How much do you charge if we have you create our free listing(s)?

Paid (Gold) Listing

Why do you offer a paid listing?
Why would I want to get a Gold Listing?
How many paid listings can I create?
Can I upgrade from a free to a paid listing?
Do you offer a discount if getting multiple paid listings?
How do I pay for a paid listing?
Will you refund my listing fee if cancel or delete my listing?
How much do you charge if we have you create our paid listing(s)?
How can I add images to my listing?

Multiple Locations and Service Area

We have multiple locations, how can we show multple locations?
We service other locations, do we just list them in the description?
We have over 100 locations, is there an easy way for us to enter them all?
Can multiple locations each have their own additional service area?

Additional Questions

How can I help to promote Everything For Seniors Directory?
Did you do the singing in the jingle?
Do you accept donations?


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